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 Promote your hotel to millions of potential customers

 The Internet is revolutionising the way in which people are booking hotel rooms. Over 11,000 hoteliers have discovered the secret to unlocking its potential...  How? By joining AllHotelDeals - one of the leading providers of reservations to the European hotel industry.

 Hotels that join AllHotelDeals are now visible to millions of Internet users each month.

 Why Join AllHotelDeals?
 Increase Your Bookings
 Control Your Availability
 Control Your Rates
 Quickly Off-load unsold rooms.
 Sell your off-season packages stay using special Offers feature. is supported by dedicated team of Software Professionals to bring best of features for friendly use of the site, as well as to bring up search engine listings.

 Apart from these we have our round the clock support team to answer your technical difficulties using this website.

 Increase Your Bookings

 By joining AllHotelDeals you can place your hotel before a worldwide audience of millions. As soon as you are on the AllHotelDeals system, you can start benefiting from instantly confirmed online reservations. For further information about payment details, see Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us.

 A website will only generate bookings if potential guests can see it. The secret to marketing on the Internet is to create the deepest and widest possible advertising spread. AllHotelDeals innovative system enables hotels to sell their rooms via a network of over 1,500 web sites, including some of the leading names in online travel shown below.

 Our distribution network is, in effect, like placing an advert in every national, regional and local newspaper throughout the world. By promoting your hotel to the greatest number of websites, we increase the likelihood of people finding your hotel, whichever web site they use.

 Manage and Control Your Availability

 AllHotelDeals works on a Free Sale Availability basis (not fixed allocation). This means that you can open rooms up, close rooms out and flex rates at the drop of a hat. Our service allows potential customers to see which rooms are available and at what rate for their intended stay. You can update your information at anytime, in fact, we actively encourage you to do so.

 Guests can then proceed to book rooms instantly online. This does away with frustrating "on request" email or fax forms and has the added benefit of making sure you don't you lose reservations to your competitors. Because of this, processing online bookings is more efficient than traditional channels as they save you time and money.

 Our service automatically removes rooms booked via AllHotelDeals from your online availability. For example, if you have 30 single rooms available online and a customer books one via, your online availability will instantly drop to 29 available single rooms across the entire network. It' s quick and easy to use enabling you to get on with what you do best - run your hotel and provide the best service for your customers.

 Control Your Rates

 AllHotelDeals works on a Variable Rates basis, allowing you to amend rates whenever you require so that you can maximise your room yield.

 Off-load unsold rooms:

 AllHotelDeals powered with special feature which can allow you create special offers with different set of combinations and prices for example:

 Further Information

 To en roll online now, go to: Add your Property





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